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our dogs


Calm River Prince Rainier

of Monaco


call name - Cooper

AKC# SR87794009

born 5/18/2015




"Bay Lake" Coopers's webpage


Cascade Mountain

Big Timber

call name - Cody

AKC# SS08879002

born 10/25/2018




"Cascade" Cody's webpage



Calm River

Queen Emma

of Hawaii

call name - Emma

AKC# SS17554707

born 03/05/2020

Emma's webpage

Calm River

Princess Charlotte

of Cambridge

call name - Charlie

AKC# SS12217102

born 5/5/2019

Charlie's webpage

Calm River

Queen Elizabeth

Mary of Creviston

call name - Ellie

AKC# SS17554702

born 5/4/2020

Ellie's webpage

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