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   English Cream Golden Retrievers

English Cream Golden Retrievers

English Cream Golden Retrievers


2021 Spring / Summer Litters
Calm River Baroness Baylor of Bay Lake
her web page
Baylor's Next Litter
This is the second litter for Baylor and we could not be more excited.
Her first litter was outstanding!
Baylor is a beautiful, healthy and intelligent dog that is very willing to please.
Puppies of this litter will have soft, creamy white coats and a strong
athletic build. Baylor puppies are fat and happy pups!
Most importantly, her puppies will have that wonderful, calm
English Cream temperament.
We anticipate / hope that puppies from this litter will be born sometime in the late spring and go home to their loving families in Summer 2021.
We are still interviewing for the perfect stud dog to match with Baylor.
We are very picky - an announcement should be made soon!
Calm River Princess Charlotte of Cambridge
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Charlie's First Litter
This will be the first litter for Charlie and we have been waiting
anxiously for these puppies!
Charlie is the first choice female offspring of our amazing dog Lizzie and our original stud dog Bay Lake Cooper.
Charlie is special in so many ways - she all the drive, athleticism and intelligence of her mom and the loving sweet, people focused personality of her father Cooper.
Charlie should produce very intelligent and trainable puppies with
very white coats and a strong athletic build. 
Her puppies should have a good balance of drive and lie at your feet sweet dispositions typical of a Calm River English Cream puppy.
We anticipate / hope that puppies from this litter will be born sometime in the late spring and go home to their loving families in Summer 2021.
We are still interviewing for the perfect stud dog to match with Charlie
We are very picky - an announcement should be made soon!

Confirmed reservations for the Summer 2021 litters

Mom dogs will be Baylor and Charlie!

2021 Deposits

1 - Calm River - Female 

2 - Calm River - Male

3 - Paul and Cheryl

4 - Joseph C. 

5 - Ryan C. D.

6 - Jeanette and Ben

7 - Janell and Bob

8 - Noelle E.

9 - Sheri B.

10 - Kyle C.

11 - John P.

12 - Cathie B.

13 & 14 - Kyle and Riley

15 - Deb and Steve

16 - Allison and Lee

17 - Laurie and Nicholas

Spring / Summer 2021 Deposits Sold Out - waiting list only

To reserve your puppy, simply complete our brief "Puppy Request" form - if you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please send an e-mail to


our process to reserve a puppy


Please call us at 800 707-2256, send an email to or fill out our “Puppy Request" form. We will give you a brief call - we think it is very important for us to get to know each other. We want to make certain your family and our puppies are a good match.


Once we have spoken on the phone and agree that it's a good match - a $500 deposit will reserve your puppy.


Puppies are selected in the order that deposits are received. Each litter of puppies will likely be sold before they are born. It pays to get your deposit in early!  


Please note - deposits are non-refundable unless there are not enough puppies in the litter to go around. In that scenario we can transfer your deposit to another litter of your choice or return your deposit.


We promise to do our best to help match your unique lifestyle with the perfect puppy.



puppy pricing

Calm River AKC registered English Cream puppies sell for $3,000. 


Final payment is due before you pick up your puppy.



health guarantee


Each puppy comes with a two year health guarantee for any genetic based health issues related to hips, elbows, hearts and eyes - read our puppy contract for details.


Calm River puppies are born and nurtured in our home – not in a kennel. You can have peace of mind knowing that we go to great lengths to socialize your puppy with a wide variety of experiences that contribute greatly to a calm, well-mannered dog.



what is included in the price of my puppy?


We want you to be successful in raising your puppy and we want your puppy to have every possible advantage to meet its full potential.


Your puppy price includes:

  • An adorable AKC English Cream Puppy full of love

  • Microchipping

  • Routine deworming at weeks 2,4,6 and three days before going home

  • All age appropriate vaccinations

  • A complete physical examination performed by our vet

  • A two year genetic health guarantee covering hip dysplasia, heart issues, eye issues and elbow dysplasia - read our puppy contract for details.

  • Early Neurological Stimulation / Volhard Temperament Testing

  • Complete puppy socialization and a head start on potty training

  • Health tested sire and dam – See each dog's page for specific health tests conducted.

  • Puppy Packet stuffed with training tips, copies of all pertinent health clearances for sire and dam, certified pedigree, feeding recommendations and AKC registration papers. Note - AKC Registration does not include breeding rights.

  • Our promise to answer any and all questions for the lifetime of your puppy!

  • Unlimited puppy kisses and a lifetime supply of unconditional love, laughter, licks and loyalty!

Download our puppy contract.

selecting your puppy

Selecting your puppy is easy.  At six weeks old the process begins! Whether you are in a nearby city or multiple states away, we'll help guide your choice by providing information on behavioral traits, temperaments and physical traits.


We typically have a zoom meeting every Sunday as the puppies grow up so you can see each puppy several times before making a selection. We also send out weekly e-mails with photos and detailed descriptions of the litter.


Some people come directly to our home and others make the selection from the convenience of their own living room with the assistance of pictures, videos and plenty of conversations!  


Our puppies are ready to go to their new homes at eight weeks of age.  


Click for a Gallery of our amazing dogs. Click here to see our last Litter!

Please contact us if you have any questions.