Calm River Princess Charlotte of Cambridge "Charlie"

Calm River

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

call name - Charlie

AKC# SS12217102

Penn Hips, OFA Heart & Eyes

Chip# 990000002875073

born 5/5/2019





Charlie is our new female and a wonderful young lady. She is a Lizzie Bay Lake Cooper puppy and inherited the best traits from them both. She has the energy, drive and joy of Lizzie and the affection / love for all people of Cooper.


We plan on Charlie having her first litter in the summer of 2021 with Olympia Cooper.

Charlie is a stunner - she has a very proportional build and a beautiful head the is both feminine and blocky at the same time. She is super fast and very athletic.

Charlie is bright white, has a black nose and is adorned with a soft thick coat.