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Calm River Catherine Elizabeth of Cambridge - "Lizzie"

Calm River

Catherine Elizabeth of Cambridge

call name - Lizzie

AKC# SR91777006

OFA Hips, Eyes, Heart

Chip# 956000009609081

born 1/24/2016




Lizzie is the female we waited so long to acquire and she has always 

been a permanent part of our family.

She has been an absolute joy from the first day we met her - she is

now retired from breeding and is the most spoiled dog ever.

Lizzie is bright white in color, has a jet black nose and sports a wonderful

soft coat with a nice gentle wave all the way down her back.

Lizzie loves to carry toys in her mouth and is always willing to play fetch.

She is calm, quiet and affectionate - she loves nothing more than snuggling

at your feet and giving you her happy smile.

We call Lizzie our, "circus dog" because she is so smart and learns new tricks

faster than any dog we have ever owned. Lizzie loves to perform and will do anything for a treat or some extra scratches on her back.

Lizzie is also athletic and competitive - whenever we throw a ball or stick

she will outrun all the other dogs and happily bring it back.

Lizzie can out-think and out-maneuver any dog in the park!

Lizzie's parents are two of the most beautiful, calm and obedient dogs we

have ever met. We patiently waited over a year to make certain we had

first choice on their litter - and Lizzie was well worth the wait...

Lizzies parents are below: Diamond and Max

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