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Calm River Queen Sophia of Prussia - "Sophia"

Calm River

Queen Sophia of Prussia

call name - Sophia

AKC# SS07294206

Penn Hips, OFA Eyes, OFA Heart exam with slight murmur.

Chip# 990000002875001

born 8/27/2018




Sophia is the daughter of our Gracie and Bay Lake Cooper - she was the female pick of the litter and is spoiled rotten living with some friends of ours. She is a pampered pup and sleeps every night snuggled up against their feet.


Sophia has the cutest face and is a sweet and loving dog. She is joined in her

home by two big Labrador Retrievers - and they are all best friends.


Sophia loves to hike - especially if there is mud, water or snow involved. In the house she is the dog under your feet wanting cuddles and long belly scratches.


Sophia inherited a love of watching TV and "talking" from her mother Gracie. Sophia loves to watch dogs on TV and has a special admiration / interest in German Shepard's - she will bark at the TV whenever a German Shepard is 

on - no other dogs, just a German Shepard...


Sophia loves to vocalize and share her thoughts with her owners - she makes the cutest little noises just like her mom - its not a bark or a growl just a friendly little noise that really does sound like she is trying her best to "speak human.'

Sophia wins everyone over with her personality, cute face, sweet smile and

soft, thick white coat.

Sophia had her first litter in the summer of 2021 and we are excited

for her future litters.

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