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why English Cream?

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English Cream Goldens are the perfect family dog for the Pacific Northwest - they are sweet tempered, athletic, calm and healthy. English Creams are smart, quick to learn and very eager to please.  


While we believe all Goldens are beautiful, there are several important differences between the English Creams and American Goldens – color, build, health, personality and genetics.




The English Golden typically has a light cream colored coat. American Goldens range from light gold to dark gold / almost red in color.


English Goldens have beautiful jet-black noses and dark eyes. Coat color can range from very light golden to a creamy white. A wave in the topcoat is not uncommon.




English Creams have a lovely big head, lower set ears, larger eyes and deeper chests - they also have a stockier build and a more powerful, athletic look.



health and genetics

Unfortunately, the popularity of Goldens has led to some very serious problems due to poor breeding. Many "American" Goldens suffer from early death due to cancer. American Goldens frequently suffer from painful hip dysplasia. 


The health differences between the English Golden and the American Golden are a key reason to consider an English Cream Golden over an American Golden.


According to recent studies, English Creams are healthier and live longer than their American cousins - but it has nothing to do with the color of the dog – it is all about genetics. The long time popularity of Golden Retrievers in the US led to many dogs being bred in puppy mills. Overbreeding increased the likelihood of Goldens with serious health issues like cancer and hip dysplasia.


Fortunately, English Creams did not suffer this same fate among responsible European breedeers and enjoy better overall health and longevity. Before we purchase a dog we research their pedigree extensively - we never inbreed or "line breed" and are strongly against it.  




Even though American Goldens are typically great dogs, you have to personally experience the more mellow temperament which sets English Cream Goldens apart and endear them to so many families.


The temperament of the Golden Retriever is a hallmark of the breed and is described in the AKC standard as “kindly, friendly and confident.” Their trusting, mellow, gentle, easy-going disposition makes them ideal for any household.



retrieving / love of water

The typical English Cream is calm, naturally intelligent and highly trainable, with an exceptional eagerness to please. Whether the object is a thrown stick, tennis ball, or Frisbee, retrieving can keep your dog (and their owner) occupied and entertained for hours.  


Due to their heritage as a hunter of water birds, English Creams love water and have a keen ability to focus on a given task. Check out the video below of an English Cream patiently fishing! 



training / intelligence

English Creams are exceptionally intelligent and trainable - they tend to learn tricks quickly and easily. English Creams respond well to positive and upbeat training styles.



children and other pets

English Creams are easygoing and gentle – they are perfect companions for both children and adults. A well socialized English Cream is excellent with other dogs, cats and livestock.


Any aggression or hostility towards people, dogs or other animals is completely out of character for this breed. We have never had an issue with an English Cream becoming aggressive.



service / therapy dogs

Well trained English Creams Goldens make good therapy dogs! This is due to their calm, easygoing disposition and eagerness to please their human. English Creams are successful as guide dogs, mobility assistance dogs and search and rescue dogs.

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dog quotes

Even if you don't purchase a Calm River puppy, get a puppy - or rescue from a shelter


When you feel lousy, puppy therapy is indicated.

—Sara Paretsky


Happiness is a warm puppy.

—Charles M. Schulz


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fun videos

super bowl psychic puppies

English Cream Golden Retriever puppies are so smart they even picked the Super Bowl winner on Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show!


watch an English Cream fishing!

English Cream puppies and water

watch a litter of English Cream puppies swim for the very first time!

Golden Retriever puppies running in a field

watch 21 Golden puppies running and smiling in the grass!

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