caring for your new English Cream puppy


how to give your English Cream a long and happy life...


Our first and most important suggestion is to openly embrace your dog a full member of your family. Your dog will be happiest and healthiest when it gets to spend quality time with you. We believe every English Cream should live in your home and not be locked away in the back yard.



what will I need for my new puppy?


Here are a few things you should have before you bring your new puppy home:

  • Food and Water Bowls - stainless steel only – no plastic bowls

  • A training / travel crate with an old towel on the floor

  • A few Chew Toys - we suggest Kong’s

  • A medium-sized durable pet squeaker toy. Puppies love these!

  • Moisturizing puppy shampoo and conditioner

  • Dog brushes – see below for our recommended brushes

  • A leash and collar with an engraved nametag

  • Enrollment in a puppy kindergarten

  • Small training treats



puppy food

Quality dog food makes a tremendous difference in the longevity and health of your dog. Select a dog food that has real meat as the first ingredient (not meat by-products).


We feed our puppies with a premium brand dry puppy food. We do, however, believe it is a great practice to supplement the dry food with fresh, raw items on a regular basis. 

We will give you specific and detailed instructions on feeding your puppy when you take her home and also encourage you to speak with your veterinarian.


NEVER give your golden a rawhide bone. Rawhide bones are dangerous and do not digest well in the intestinal tract. We recommend Bully Sticks - you need to make sure you take this away when the bully stick is down to the last inch to prevent choking. 


Raw beef soup bones are also a good treat. Do not cook the soup bones or they will shatter. The extra meat that clings to the bone itself is an added bonus that Goldens love! The beef soup bones should be large enough that they cannot be swallowed.


With all treats - use them in moderation.  The dry puppy chow is nutritionally balanced and should provide the majority of calories for your dog.



chew toys

One word – Kong.  Kong makes awesome chew toys that are virtually indestructible. Nylabones are also good.


With regular excercise and lots of good toys lying around your English Cream puppy should not be chewing anything innapropriate.  


If chewing does become a problem you can buy a spray bottle of "Grannick's Bitter Apple for Dogs Spray" - it works well and is an Amazon #1 best seller.




Goldens shed.  You can easily keep it under control with the following approach:

  • Brush them often – a quick brush every day is best – once a week should be the minimum

  • Dyson Pet Vacuum – a bit pricey but amazing quality

  • Roomba – another splurge but it does a great job at keeping pet hair under control


If your young puppy gets into something smelly - then a bath is certainly in order. Try to use a very gentle shampoo and make sure to rinse well so that your puppy's natural oils are not stripped or compromised.


Adult Goldens should need very little bathing. Maintaining a good diet will ensure optimum skin and coat health which means there should be very little if any odor related to your golden. Bathing should only be required if your dog gets into something messy and out of the ordinary. With proper diet and regular brushing a healthy coat should need very little maintenance and is important to your dog's well-being.



dog brushes

Goldens have 2 coats – a soft fluffy undercoat and a waterproof outer coat. You will need three different brushes to take care of your Golden.


Here are our favorites:




Choose a good vet carefully… check references.


Take your new puppy to the vet as soon as possible to get the first checkup.  Discuss your vaccination schedule and a plan for preventing fleas and ticks.




Your golden depends on you to provide daily exercise for optimum health. Typically, a moderate amount of aerobic exercise (30 minutes) morning and afternoon is sufficient. A slow paced walk through the neighborhood does not constitute true aerobic exercise. Exercise that involves multiple muscle groups such as running, playing, fetching on natural surfaces (such as grass or trails) is optimal.


Proper exercise also plays an important role in the mental health of your dog. Goldens love hiking, swimming, retrieving and just taking walks with you.  Get outside with your dog often – it is good for both of you.




Goldens thrive on predictability. Routine is the safety net that gives every dog a sense of security. As much as possible, keep a regular regime when it comes to rising and going to bed, meals and exercise. When a golden feels secure in what to expect they are less likely to produce stress-related hormones, which can have long-term impacts on overall health.




Learning to be a great dog owner requires a lot of training.  Your English Cream puppy will respond beautifully as you learn more about the wonders and abilities of dogs. To teach yourself how to be a good dog owner we strongly suggest you enroll in a good puppy kindergarten class when your pup is 4 to 6 months old.


We also encourage you to visit your library or Amazon and read as many puppy books as you can. We especially reccomend the following titles:


  • Training the Best Dog Ever: A 5-Week Program Using the Power of Positive Reinforcement - a very detailed and comprehensive book - if you only buy one book get this one. An Amazon #1 best seller.

  • The Puppy Primer - highly reccomended as a good all around puppy book.

  • The Art of Raising a Puppy (Revised Edition)  Written by the Monks of New Skete - a classic training book that has been around for decades.

  • 101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog - if you want to go crazy with teaching tricks this book has them all - this book is nothing but tricks.

  • The Everything Essential Dog Training and Tricks Book: All You Need to Train Your Dog in No Time by Gerilyn Bielakiewick (all of her books are great) - this book covers both basic training and tricks.


We also suggest you buy a few cheap "clickers" to help you train your dog.

book - Clicking With Your Dog: Step-By-Step in Pictures

clickers - buy these - StarMark Clicker Dog Training System

videos - Zach George YouTube - dog training


We encourage you to watch all the Zach George YouTube videos! He is a great dog trainer and he can help you solve most common problem behaviors.


Every time your puppy does something wrong it is likely to be your fault. Watching Zach George YouTube videos is a great way to learn to be a great dog owner!




Our entire family participates in the raising and caring for our puppies, which is reflected in the outcome of stable, well-socialized, and happy family dogs. In the first year of life it is critical to expose your dog to a wide variety of people, experiences and environments.


English Creams are confident, outgoing dogs by nature but the more you expose your dog to diverse situations early in life, the better your dog will be able to calmly deal with new or unfamiliar experiences.




Goldens LOVE their family and thrive on human interaction more than many other breeds. Your dog needs human interaction, companionship and regular time spent together doing fun activities. Do not keep your Golden alone in a kennel or on a chain.  Goldens are people dogs. Please let your Golden live by your side!