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Calm River Sir Walter - "Walter"

Calm River Sir Walter

call name - Walter

AKC# SS28628005

Penn Hips, DNA Clear

OFA Eyes, Heart 

Chip ID 985141004692081

born 7/23/2021

pedigree coming soon...

Walter is new Calm River stud dog - we traveled several states away

to find the perfect addition to our breeding lines.


Walter is a very happy, very affectionate, handsome young man who is completely obsessed with two things - his human family and balls...


Walter lives for snuggles, hugs, scratches - and his absolute favorite thing of all is to fetch - he LOVES to play fetch. Walter is fast, focused and super athletic. He is a complete circus dog when it comes to acrobatic ball catches. He will drop a ball in front of me while I am driving my riding mower - making me stop the mower - and throw him the ball. He likes to sleep with a ball in or near his mouth. Walter makes us laugh every day with his playful antics and ball obsessions. He is also super affectionate.

Walter has wonderful hips and passed his Penn Hips exam with wonderful, strong scores. Walter has OFA clearances for eyes and heart. Walter is genetically clear on

his DNA exam - he is clear on all identified genetic issues for Golden Retrievers.

Walter is an athletic male with a blocky head and a solid muscular build that

will continue to fill out over the next year.

Walter has a thick creamy white coat with beautiful soft waves.

We are very lucky that we found Walter - he is the perfect addition

to our Calm River breeding program.

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