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our story

We are a small family-based breeder located near Gig Harbor, Washington in the beautiful South Puget Sound (1.5 hours from Seattle, 2.5 hours from Portland) 


Our family of six has always loved our Golden Retrievers. They live, play, sleep and vacation with us. We love hiking, kayaking, playing on the beach and doing anything outdoors with our dogs. We think Goldens are simply the best family dog possible.


Our relationship with Goldens started in 1994 when our 8 year old son Bret begged and pleaded for a family dog. Mom prefered that our home be dog free but Bret was not going to stop until he was successful.  


Bret read books about dogs, he insisted we rent movies about dogs - he even started leaving daily post-it notes around the house with dog quotes like, "dogs are man's best friend." Mom finally gave in and Goldens have been an integral part of our family life ever since. Mom now agrees that our family would be incomplete without a Golden Retriever.  


FYI - Bret now lives in Washington DC and has two of his own beautiful Golden Retrievers.


Goldens have been our children’s constant companions - we've enjoyed dressing them up, taking them on long hikes, swimming with them in the lake and taking them on endless trips to the beach. Our children even cast one of our Goldens with a star role in a silly family Christmas movie.


Most importantly, our Goldens have given our children a lifetime of unconditional love and friendship. Our children could always count on our family Golden to be their best friend and faithful companion.  


Our dogs live with us on over 5 acres of heaven - beautiful woodlands and winding forest trails. We are fortunate to live on a beautiful fresh water lake - our dogs swim almost daily. We consider our home a little piece of heaven - for us and our Goldens.

our wish

Our wish is to provide you with the type of dog that has brought us so much joy.  We look forward to providing you with a puppy that will become a member of your family - a companion who is calm, gentle, athletic, healthy, beautiful and loyal.  A dog that will give you a lifetime of love...  


Click to a see a gallery of our amazing dogs. Click here and here for puppy pictures.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on our puppies or English Creams in general.

Richard and Cheryl Miller

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